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Faith Freeman

Faith Helped my Arthritic Hands

After several major surgeries, most personal trainers were hesitant to work with me and would write me off as old and disabled. With Faith, it was completely different. She took her time, listened to my concerns, and understood my limitations.

Using the MELT Method with Faith has helped my arthritic hands. But Faith didn’t stop there.

She also coached me on nutrition and the importance of mindset and emotion in health – that’s something you won’t find in other personal trainers. You won’t find someone with more heart, integrity, and love for what she does. I’m thankful for the difference Faith Freeman has made in my life physically and emotionally. She’s given me the confidence to never give up on myself, regardless of my circumstances.

Elaine, Long Island, New York

I Improved my Core Strength

When my doctor told me I was in danger of developing osteoporosis, I took the advice of a friend and called Faith. With her professional and caring guidance, I improved my core strength with weights and resistance equipment. She devised several workouts I could do at home on the days I didn’t see her, and she always kept me encouraged as I reached my fitness goals. I am 60 years old and have the energy of someone twenty years younger.

I could not have succeeded with her. Thank you, Faith!

Ali Arje, Long Island, New York

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What People Are Saying