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Take control of your health and well being,
eliminate your daily pain,
and feel great again.

Faith Freeman

Health and wellness doesn’t have to be a chore.

If you’re like most people, thinking about starting a health and fitness routine ranks on par with a root canal – you’d rather do just about anything else.

Every time you try to make headway, you end up overwhelmed by a multitude of advice, opinions, and exerts – each one contradicting the rest. How does anyone make sense of this?

You know you want to have less daily pain, but taking care of everyone else has become a full time job. How can you ever find time for yourself without letting people down?

To top it all off, the idea of having to learn a complex fitness and nutrition routine is enough to drive you crazy.

I’m here to help you discover an easier way.

Faith Freeman, certified personal trainer

I’m Faith, a Certified Personal Trainer, Exercise Fitness Specialist, Melt Instructor and Whole Health Educator.

After more than 10 years as a fitness instructor, I’ve seen it all. And I’ve got good news – taking back your health doesn’t have to be as complex or time consuming as the “experts” at your local fitness center would have you believe.

I teach you simple systems to have more energy, less pain, and build a healthy lifestyle.

My own journey to health was a long one – with plenty of detours.

I spent the better part of my adult life devoted to a corporate job which left me mentally, physically and emotionally bankrupt. Stress, a poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle had taken their toll. After years of neglect and misuse, my mind and body began to rebel against me.

This wasn’t my first bout with near death experience. Many years prior, I was hospitalized with a 10-pound ovarian cyst. Yes! You heard me right! It took four doctors to lift the evil basketball-size blob out of me. Recovery was long and brutal.

The second time found me sick, in pain, and debilitated for weeks before I realized that something was wrong. I finally went to the hospital and was shocked at what they told me: I’d been living with a burst appendix. They rushed me into surgery with no expectation from the doctors of survival. I hovered on the edge of life as doctors struggled to save me.

When I finally recovered, I knew I had to change my lifestyle or risk losing everything, but I didn’t even know where to begin.

How was I supposed to take care of myself? All I’d ever done was look after everyone else. The very concept of self care was loaded with guilt. On the day I left the hospital, I knew I had two choices – I could return to my old way of living (the equivalent of a death sentence), or I could decide once and for all that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Luckily, I chose the latter. I left my job in the corporate world and dedicated myself to learning everything I could about health and wellness. That simple decision ended up turning my life around. Today, as a certified health and wellness coach, I’m on a mission: to help people reclaim their vitality and built a healthy lifestyle.

What I know for sure is this

Getting older doesn’t have to be a slow descent into disease and despair. With a few simple tools, you really can take control of your health and well being. That’s why I’m here. To help you recapture the things that made you feel great!

It’s time to reclaim your health.

If you’re ready to:

Regain your mobility so that you can keep up with your kids and grandkids
Decrease the daily pain that has become a constant companion
Cut down on costly medications and doctors visits by revitalizing your organs, tissues, and immune system
Look in the mirror and see your old self again

This is your time. You can do this. I’ll show you how.

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